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Vertical forming filling sealing machine LG-GF100

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Automatic Vertical Viscous Liquid Honey Oil Packaging Machine Dipping Sauce Sachets Peanut Butter Ketchup Bag Packaging Machine

Automatic vertical filling and sealing machine
1.Vertical type automatic high speed packing machine is a three roller vertical packaging machine designed for the
implementation of the viscous or pasty fluid materials Granular Power Product automatic packaging, can realize three edges sealing or four edges sealing packing.
2.The whole machine adopts the advanced industrial computer bus design and PLC control system, through the color touch screen to finish all kinds of parameter setting and modification, characteristic of the photoelectric control system can make photoelectric automatic calibration in 2-3 bag cursor position.
3.The seals adopt roller method, solid and reliable.
4.Packing materials injected into packing bags by Hibar pump, high precision, the cut off ways can use each of flat knife, serrated knife, point marking knife.And equipped with with ease open bags cutting device.
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