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LG-P600 High Quality Multipurpose 4 Sides Seal Packing Machine Fully Automatic Small Blister Packing Machine

Blister packs are used to package products such as toys, hardware, medication, etc. Many blister packaging machines use heat and pressure via a die to form the cavity or pocket from a roll or sheet of plastic.

The PVC (plastic sheet) is heated and softened by the heating plate and then enters the forming mold, and is formed by positive pressure with compressed air (aluminum/aluminum packaging is punched and formed by the mechanical punching mechanism of the forming station), and the jam is filled through the feeder. The aluminum foil is automatically transported into the heat-sealing mold and the plastic sheet containing the jam is subjected to reticulate heat-sealing, the batch number is marked, and then it is indented and tangent, and finally enters the blanking. The intermittent parallel movement of the PVC is completed by the manipulator pulling mechanism. The machine has reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance.




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