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Jelly lid sealing machine

With functions of filling, sealing, capping, coding, labeling, vacuuming, inflation, heating, cooling, air drying and other integrated process. We can design various production lines such as beverage and food production lines and other production line equipment according to your requirements. Mechanical, electronic, numerical control and microcomputer technology as a whole can be widely used in food, beverage, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries in a variety of sealed packaging. We will provide turn-key engineering services such as project design, factory construction guidance, machine building, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, technical training.

Launching the Jelly Lid Sealing Machine!

Are you sick and tired of manually sealing jelly jars? Do you want a faster and cleaner method to seal lids? The Yijianuo Machinery jelly lid sealing machine is here to help! Our product offers many perks compared to other jelly that is methods that are old-fashioned. 

Why choose Yijianuo Machinery Jelly lid sealing machine?

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