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Machine for sealing cups

Seal the Best-in-Class Cup Sealing to your Yijianuo Machinery Beverages device!


Do your really love beverages that are consuming are refreshing bubble tea, or coffee that are iced? Search no further! Our company has introduced a cup this might be machine that is most certainly innovative ensures your products or services remain fresh and spill-free, plus are an absolute fit that is great it boils down to life trend that is on-the-go.

Our glass sealing machine has advantages which can be several which makes it your choice that has been perfect sealing their beverages, including:
1. Easy to just use insert the glass, and the product will seal it in seconds!
2. fits cup this will be various: 
Yijianuo Machinery milk spout pouch machine is sold having a host this can be creates that are adjustable ideal for several cup sizes.
3. Seals efficiently: The gear has a motor this is certainly powerful ensures a seal that is taut keeping the beverage fresh for a while which can be long.
4. Safe to use: Our machine is sold with a safety system which prevents it from overheating, keeping your and your drink safe.

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