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We are an enterprise with more than ten years of experience specializing in the development of fully automatic pneumatic (electric) series packaging and sealing machines. The machine integrates bottle unscrambling, cup unloading, filling, cap unscrambling, buckle capping, capping, capping, laminating, sealing, film cutting, coding, labeling, vacuuming, inflation, heating, cooling, and air drying. Advanced process automation assembly line equipment, custom-designed beverage production line, food production line and other production line equipment for customers. Our products integrate machinery, electronics, numerical control and microcomputer technology, and can be widely used in the sealing packaging of many products in food, beverage, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries.

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of customers for integrated ordering, a capital injection subsidiary was established to design and package the peripherals of the packaging machine. For example, packaging containers (plastic cups/boxes/bags and aluminum foil box material containers, etc.), are also compatible with packaging materials-film, and provide different materials/thickness/shape to meet the individual needs of customers.


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